Africa Opportunities

Africa Opportunities

The business world globally is now focussing on Africa to produce opportunities for the rest of the world.

The business world globally is now focussing on Africa to produce opportunities for the rest of the world. The main prospects that are still to be tapped in can be found in the following countries and respective industries. 

Nigeria with a land covering 923,764 Square kilometres, an approximate population of 162,500,000 and boasts the status of being the 13th Largest Producer of Oil and Gas in the world. Other industries include agriculture, minerals and forestry.

Nigeria is in need of Infrastructure, it is the biggest challenge to growing the Nigerian economy, roads are a necessity for the growth and facilitating of business. 'If you want to become rich, build a road first'- HE Chief Ernest Shonekan
Chairman Mao stated 1% increase in infrastructure stock results in a 1% increase in GDP 

Zimbabwe like most of Africa has been blessed with substantial natural resources. Mining opportunities are in exploration, prospecting & surveying, mining production, downstream Industries such as logistics. 

Foreign investments are allowed capital expenditure on exploration, development & operating incurred wholly & exclusively for mining operations is allowed in full. Special initial allowance on capital equipment is allowed at a rate of 100%. No restriction on carryover of tax losses; these can be carried forward for an indefinite period. Zimbabwean infrastructure sector seeks a growth by developing the following platforms: 
  • energy 
  • road 
  • rail 
  • water and sanitation 
  • construction and land developing 

Mozambique an emerging economy of Africa is developing prospects of their Mining industry sectors with resources that still have to be exploited are Coal- 485 million tons Anthracite (330 million low grade; 155 million high grade), thermal power generation opportunity, fly ash from power generation can be used as a replacement for cement, Iron Ore - 610 million tons, Diamonds - sizeable reserves of 5 million tons 
Infrastructure needed in Mozambique is Institutional Housing, Railway Infrastructure. 

There are more examples through-out the continent of Africa. We as Africans need to tap into our countries mining and infrastructure developments. We need to bridge our relationships as Africans through inter-Africa Trade.

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Africa Opportunities