Physical Health or Health?

Physical Health or Health?

Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism.

What is health? 

Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social challenges. 

Functional Efficiency 
Being healthy brings functional efficiency this implies that all humans at a basic level react and interact with our environment, we as humans function biologically with our heart as the engine pumping our blood to all organs head to toes. The true quest is efficiency how do we get to use our bodies efficiently? We can have our heart function at a rate that is both productive but not stressful to our overall heart condition. We want to run and not get tired, read and not strain our sight, jump further faster and be able to do much more without strain. 

Why should you look after your physical health especially when your young bubbly and full of life, being healthy is more for old people problem? It is true that the older you are the more conscious you become and aware of why the body functions the way it does. So maintaining a healthy body is easier than trying to become healthier at a later age. The reason to start earlier is to get used to exercising and training your body (organs included) to the strain of training, but the main motivator should be one of enabling your body to carry itself and not you carrying your body. 

How to become physically active and aware. 
Use what you have. People tend to make excuses to exercise because of lack of equipment, this is a great excuse which people should never get in to the habit of (Relates to business as well, excuses will keep you were you are now). The trick is to be innovative, use a bed to anchor your ankles when doing sit-ups and etc. 
Set goals The key is to set achievable goals which is doing better than the day before and constantly pushing yourself to do that one extra. 
Eat Right When exercising your body will need energy which comes from the food you eat, and no sweets do not give you energy, the energy you need is muscle fuel which is most found in your greens and carbohydrates in your starches like pasta. 
Measure at the correct intervals Getting into shape is not an overnight "thing" so do not bring out the tape measure too soon. The reason why most off-the-self fitness programs duration is 12 weeks (3 months), only after this period can you measure especially when you have consistently followed and program. 

The above ways to be physically active are recommended for most body types but people with larger bodies should always start light and constantly monitor their organ reaction to straneous exercises. 

Be Active you might live longer than your spouse!

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Physical Health or Health?