Academia & Academics

Academia & Academics

The Future Leaders take a view on the role of Academics and Academia in the mordern society.

Let me start by a quick quote: "The difference between who you are and who you want to be is your level of knowledge(awareness)" - someone

And with the above shared, I open my discussion referencing my topic, academia.

Academia is defined formally as the environment or community concerned with the pursuit of research, education and scholarship. Allow me to say that we will be sharing ideas on the impact of knowledge distanced from academia.

One friend said to me: "I don't care about school, I'm all about the money the money now. I will make money and then go do a business course(MBA) dont have to be a person who went through academics to be successful"

Yes, being educated doesn't guarantee you success, doesn't guarantee's what you do with the education that ensures success

Now there is a debate on how relevant and how effective is academia in ensuring community development, ensuring more successful people emerge from communities...

But more importantly, ensuring that people know how to use what they have learned.

How many people here feel that they have benefited from their qualifications?

I personally feel like we can not limit education to a class room that's only half the job done yes formally education is important it helps you knock on the door sometimes help you get inside but its informal education that gives you an edge. New graduates find it hard to survive in the real world because they fail to understand that classroom education only gets you to a certain point after that you need to know things that makes you different from everyone else. 

What I'm getting at is that we need to acquire Knowledge in order to be progressive. Pst John Osa likes saying that we need to pray against the gates inorder to bring them down, he further says that you need to know the gates to pray against, how to pray for them and why, to me this seeks one to have KNOWLEDGE.

Know we as Future Leaders want to correct and take the things for the kingdom of God...shouldn't we have knowledge of those things? 

Academia seeks to do exactly that in our modern times, it seeks to give us access and more knowledge to that we should be knowing in order to take over.

Think of it this way, the same mandate given to Man in the Book of Genesis for Gods glory to be manifested on earth is spoken about in later books of the bible.

Isn't that what Academia seeks to do in our modern times, global knowledge transfer?

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Academia & Academics