Are you putting your all into your work or are you sleeping on the job.

How often have you gotten to work on an assignment , business proposal or plan and in the middle of it all , began to slow down and eventually lose the drive and energy to continue. You may be experiencing idleness, a downtime towards your work.

The book of
Ecclesiastes 11:6 says: 

"Sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle in the evening for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed, or whether both of them alike will be good."

Idleness can be regarded or viewed being in a slowed physical or mental state of mind that has the ability to delay the progress of one's goals and plans. As an illustration a companies goals and strategies can only be realised if the labourers and managers work towards achieving those goals. However that is not always the case as workers always lazy about and cause what we call idle time.

Now idle time according to is defined as " Non-productive time (during which an employee is still paid) of employees or machines, or both, due to work stoppage from any cause. Also called waiting time, allowed time, or downtime".

This example brings to mind that people only sow or work for a particular amount of time and begin to go into a state of idleness , they will work during a part of the day and neglect productive work in another part of the day. Even though they are still on the clock and getting paid.
We are told in Ecclesiastes of the benefits of continuing to work productively during the day , that instead of one successful outcome we can instead have two. Wouldn't that be a much better outcome than just one?

Take a look at your work and ask yourself if you have been idle and wasting time on reaching your desired goals. Are you still paying expenses for time wasted like employees who get paid but are not working or are you outperforming yourself and saving yourself from the costs of disappointment, burnout and heartache from all that you haven't done.

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