Future Leaders - Aims & Objectives

Thee main objective of the Global Business Roundtable Future Leaders is the holistic development of a young leader, being cognisant of the fact that we are all capacitated to lead. Future Leaders is focused on the holistic development of our youth.

We are focused on delivering on the following objectives:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Development of Business Knowledge
  • Networks and Skills
  • Career Guidance and Development
  • Intellectual Capacitation and Development
  • Acquisition of Life Skills
  • Health Awareness and Sports Participation
  • Creation and Execution of Mentorship Programs

The department is geared towards 18-35 year olds but remains open to all who wish to participate in the programs.  ;

We also seek to promote skills and knowledge sharing across the socio-economic spectrum by:

  • Building quality leaders through capacity building programmes 
  • Promote personal and economic growth through proper mentorship programmes 
  • To empower our members to be effective and participating members of society 
  • Promote spiritual, intellectual, academic, career and business growth

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